Project Review: PappaRich Panglima Polim

PappaRich is a restaurant chain that offers a special menu with a distinctive taste of Malaysia. Following success in various places in Jakarta, PappaRich recently opened a new branch in Panglima Polim, Jakarta Selatan. The restaurant that was designed by Morin from Morin Design Studio, features elegant décor from the pop modern and furnishings from eclectic era. Decorative details ranging from the custom light fixtures to pop colors upholster.

The combination of flooring design encourages customers to experience how floor materials can be used in new and unexpected ways. Aiming to make this restaurant warm, decorating the main dining room are white ceramic, pine wood and rattan chairs. Leather covered sofa and wooden tables complete the casual and cosy ambience of the space.

The design of PappaRich Panglima Polim is intended to “encourage a more social atmosphere”. Warm and friendly, taking the edge off from a busy day seems effortless when the mood surrounds you. As the sun radiates through PappaRich Panglima Polim’s windows, it’s like sitting out in a friendly Malaysian neighbourhood – and it’s hard to care for what business you may have later on.

The leather used in this project:

   CSL Leather, Durango – FPZ 5119