To be a leather inspiration centre that can nourish creativity and innovation in design trend and lifestyle


As leather of various textures and colors collide in creating a good finished product, we also believe that our advancement is made by a community of people coming from different walks of life that put high value in

positive attitude,

respecting differences,

longing to learn,

engaging creativity,


effective working method.



The beginning of leather business before LEDER HAUS was formed was started in 1986 as a small family owned company with only one passion : leather. At that time, the company was known as a small family business selling leather and synthetic leather for shoes upper and upholstery retailers in big cities across Indonesia. Having a vast leather network, experience and leather know-how, in 1990, the company is trusted as exclusive agent of a well-known high-end synthetic leather manufacturer from Taiwan for Indonesia region in supplying synthetic leather for global sport shoes brand.

Based on the expertise in high quality synthetic leather for sport footwear, a new division of contract market for leather upholstery was formed in 2006. This new division focus is in middle and high-end market for hospitality, residential and commercial market. Beside furniture upholstery, this division was also expanded in vinyl flooring and also appointed as distributor of several global vinyl flooring brands in 2017.

As interior design industry is becoming more fashionable and stylish, a distinctive showroom as a center of design inspiration and creativity for interior designers was established in 2018 and named as LEDER HAUS. The word ‘LEDER HAUS’ is derived from German language which means as a house of leather. The words were simply chosen because they are easily pronounced in Indonesia language.

At LEDER HAUS, we believe that design creativity has no limit. We like to be part of it by providing not only leather and synthetic leather in rich colors and textures, but also the idea and design inspiration for the final products as well. Here is where you can also experience stylish leather that is inspired from fashion, sport, and nature. For us, red is not only red, but we will also provide you with different textures and shades of red that can go along with your mood. We can also consult you the best mix- and-match of colors to bring out the best of your life space.