Project Review: Starbucks Tokopedia Tower

When it comes to one of the world’s most favorite beverages, it isn’t only about the taste. Presentation can have a strong influence on how the drink is perceived. That can also be true of the atmosphere of the place it is being served. People are constantly looking for unique, experiential places to stay while meeting, working or just sitting while having a cup of coffee.

A stool is one of the earliest forms of seat furniture. Here, the stool is designed in rectangular
shape covered in vintage look leather with detailed stictching. Its simplicity doesn’t stop it to
make a statement in the overall look of the interior.

In addition to the purely aesthetic characteristics of a stool, the choice of leather cover not only
makes it easier for cleaning and maintenance but it also plays an important role to the final look
of the upholstery.

The leather used in this project:

  SOFIA – FES 5d113