Project Review: Gyu Kaku, Senayan Park

Gyu Kaku , the Japanese barbeque restaurant chain has recently opened their new store at Senayan Park. The concept is to use natural materials such as bamboo, wood and stone. Stone is used on the wall. As no two pieces of natural stone will be exactly the same, and when embraced, this unique material can provide a wealth of options in both texture and colour.

Wood is used at the ceiling of the main dining area. It is renewable, easily workable and eco-friendly material that is available globally and comparable in strength to modern structural materials. For these reasons it has been widely used in interior architecture decorations for many years. Bamboo is used for the decorative element. It is easy to match with any design and it will give any room a natural, authentic, and warm feel.

To compliment the authenticity that design is creating, a Japanese kimono pattern is applied on the sofa to bring a bright color into the scheme. as well as Japanese feel and authenticity.

Project: Gyu Kaku, Senayan Park

Interior designer: Metaphor Interior

Project completion: 2020